The One where it all starts

Let there be light! And light there was. Great, finally I can see something.
I shall celebrate such a magnificient day with the start of my new blog: the molten wire.

A molten wire? "The heck are you trying to achieve here Sean?" I hear you saying. As an avid gamer, lover of internet culture in general and being a hobby designer (if I'm not too lazy) I decided to open up a blog about exactly those random and completely not linked topics. In the future we shall delve into the deeps of what the internet has to offer for those who know more about it than just facebook and youtube. Accompany me and follow my blog!

There we go, one post of gazillions to come.

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    # by McRohanheim - September 27, 2010 at 6:12 PM

    Took me a while to notice the Friends reference :)